This article will show you, how to have two whatsapp accounts one only one device without installing any software on your phone.
Have you ever thinking how to login two WhatsApp accounts on only one your device phone ? is is possible without to installing any third application ? YES, it is big possible but depend on your devices, Mostly recent phone worked.

Lets check if your smartphone have ability to do this.

Samsung : Dual Messenger
Settings -> Advanced Features -> Dual Messenger
Xiomi (MIUI) : Dual Apps
Settings -> Dual Apps
Oppo : Clone Apps
Settings -> Clone apps
Vivo : Clone Apps
Settings -> Clone apps
Asus : Twin apps
Settings -> Twin apps
Huawei : App Twin
Settings -> Apps twin

Now time to have two WhatsApp accounts on my device (Asus) :

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Search for Twin Apps -> Chose WhatsApp from list.

  3. Wait till process finish
  4. And Congrats you can have two WhatsApp on your single smartphone

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